There are some great suggestions here Karem in regard to Celtic Inspired Weddings.

Journeying Soul


Handfasting 2

There is an aura of mystery and romanticism to the Celts, both the historical culture that populated parts of the British Isles and mainland Europe, and the re-constructionism movement that saw them back in the 19th Century. Ideas and visions of the Celts interweave nicely with images of heroes, enchantresses, druids, magical places, fairies, adventures, gatherings, poetry, music, dancing arts and crafts. Celtic people had a strong affinity with nature and its seasonal changes. They also had a deep sense of appreciation for the ancestors and tribal traditions and were lovers of beauty, be it the beauty of beautiful made torch or a moving harp melody. And they also loved a good party. Some contemporary spiritualties find their fountain of insight in the Celtic myths, folklore and wisdom, and have infuse ancient Celtics beliefs and traditions with new energy and vibrancy.

Celtic inspiration can add new and colourful…

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