Performance Artists

Have you ever thought about hiring a performance artist for your next event?

I’ve been working with artists for decades in all types of events.  They add an exquisite sense of wonder and peace to your special  event.  Art captures the moment and mood like nothing else can.

Whether its a wedding, a baby naming day, a special ritual or a funeral.  One of my performance artists can help capture that special moment forever in a unique and original work of art.  Each artist works to portray your vision, colors and thought for the event.

Let me introduce you to two of the artist.

Liezel van der Linde is a stunning artist specialising in fine arts and illustration.  Liezel  grew up as the daughter of a South African artist, teacher and potter. After completing school Liezel studied at the University of Pretoria in South Africa completing her Bachelors in Art.

Specialising in oil on mixed media, her work has been exhibited in South Africa during two exhibitions in 2010. Liezel moved to Melbourne Australia in 2010 where she has since been part of various exhibitions and art related events.  Her work can be seen in private collections in South Africa and Australia.

Gabby Willmott is a beautiful artist who crafts thoughtful pieces and loves to work live in special events.

“I am continually reminded at what an amazing tool making art can be for reflection and self awareness. The process that I use when making art is intuitive; being drawn to certain ideas, imagery, colours, compositions, and textures.

When I stand back and look at what I am making, sometimes I think ‘Oh, so THAT is how I have been feeling!’ Then I am free to pause and consider what ‘that’ means. I have heard it said that one of the hardest tasks is to bring what is in our hearts into our minds”.


“The piece above  shows a sense of freedom and joy as we pursue our passion- the colours we reveal as we push on even through difficulty- could symbolize our flight as we commit and connect through love”.


“I am drawn to old, worn looking things that give a sense of history and story. I love to express the depths of emotion through whatever I am creating. Birds have been a symbol for me of vulnerability, fragility, hope, searching and freedom” (Gabby).

If you would like to have an artist paint live during your event or maybe commission a piece of work to display at your special event, contact me and I will chat with you about the type of work that you are after.  I will then match you up with an artist, style and price that suits your event.  I currently work with four artists experience in this field.

Love Lisa

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