Creating a Unique Wedding Bouquet

Creating a Unique Wedding Bouquet

Lisa Hunt-Wotton

I’ve been a florist for too many years to mention.  Over that time I have encountered lots of unique ideas to make your wedding bouquet stunning and full of heartfelt memories.  Here are some suggestions to help you along.

1:  Use something of your mothers in the wedding.

If your mother still has her wedding dress  you may wish to wear it yourself.  If you don’t want to wear it.  Ask your mum if you can use a piece of the dress to use in your wedding bouquet.  Or you may want to use her veil  This can be revamped by adding flowers or air plants or vines.


2:  Make a Charming Bouquet.  

My girlfriend had a beach wedding in Borocay in the Philippines.  Not everyone was able to attend the wedding, especially some of her older relatives.  So in the wedding invitation she asked for people to send  her a brooch, button or memento that she could weave into her wedding bouquet.

It was totally unique and is a keepsake now that she will have forever.  It also meant that on her wedding day she got to carry a little piece of each of them with her.


3:  Carry your loved one with you.

When my step son got married recently, his finance was torn because her father had passed away and this loss was a huge gap in her heart whilst planning the wedding.

We chatted about how she could carry him down the aisle with her by putting his photo in a small wedding locket on her bouquet.  This was such a precious thing for her to be able to do.


4: Recycle an old bouquet.

When my son got married, his finance chose to carry her mothers wedding bouquet down the aisle.

When her  mother got married in the 60’s it was all the rage to use artificial flowers.  We took the bouquet, freshened up the ribbons,  added some small tiny flowers and re-vamped this perfect little posy.  What a gorgeous idea.

Mitch&RachWedding 148


This brings me to another suggestion for you to consider.

Size of Bouquet:

My daughter in law is only 4 ft 11′ so this posy was perfect for her.  Anything larger would have dwarfed her.

Make sure you also consider the amount of detailing on your dress.  Sometimes intricate bouquets can overwhelm the dress and be too much.  Take into consideration the type of look that you are after.  A minimilist forest outdoor wedding would require native flowers  or a loose relaxed arrangement.

If you are wearing a simple or plain wedding dress you can afford to go to town on your bouquet.

Cat and Travis:

Cat got married in the forest in a very private ceremony.  Her dress had a gorgeous lace mantel.  This meant that her bouquet choice needed to be light and simple.

Therefore a simple crown of leaves and a light airy bouquet created a natural look.


Tim and Clarissa

Tim and Clarissa were married in the country in a wool shed.

They took into account the remote outback location, even in the detail on the handle of the bouquet with the string and the rustic detail on the cheese display at the reception.

Clarissa wore air plants in her  hair which totally suited their natural Aussie look.








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