Madeline Chiller Photography

I met Photographer Madeline Chiller at the wedding of Erin and Grant Hibbert.

Madeline is a gifted photographer who loves to capture the emotion of the moment which you can see in this incredible shot of Erin, Grant and their adorable baby Gabrielle moments after I pronounced them husband and wife.


“Being able to capture a single moment in time has always been fascinating to me. My high school studio arts teacher, however, is whom I have to thank for sparking my passion for photography enough to eventually pursue it as a career”.

Today I am featuring Madeline Chiller Photography.

Madeline is passionate about creating tangible memories full of love and celebration.

Madeline thank you so much for joining me today.   really love your photos and style. I always have brides and families asking me to recommend great photographers and so it is a great joy to feature you here.

Madeline Chiller is a Melbourne based portrait and wedding photographer available for local, interstate and international commissions.

Being able to capture unique moments in time – a loving gaze, a burst of laughter, or a gentle touch – is what drives my passion. My easy-going nature reflects my photographic style: fresh, fun and full of personality.


“Shooting a wedding is an absolute rush. It is amazing working with clients, capturing unrepeatable moments as the day unfolds. The joy and love in the atmosphere is intoxicating; the excitement of the couple and the guests resonates in every photograph. Enabling them to hold on to these memories they will be able to share for years to come”.

“While I am based in Melbourne, Victoria, I am available to travel throughout Australia and internationally on commission. I can’t wait to see where my camera takes me next! I am very fortunate to work in an industry that allows me to be creative with my work and capture stories from all around the world”.

“I have since discovered a passion for not only wedding photography, but also for special events like birthdays and engagement parties. Portrait photography is also a love of mine – especially cake smashes with adorable toddlers”.

You can contact Madeline  on her website:  MADELEINE CHILLER PHOTOGRAPHY

Thank you so much Madeline for joining me today.

Love Lisa x


Madeline  recently did an interview with me on her blog which you can find here  Q&A with Madeleine Chiller.

You can view more of Grant and Erins Wedding here: Hibbert Wedding


Here are Madeline’s Contact Details:

CALL ME  +61 430 033 531

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