What to look for in a great photographer.

What to look for in a great photographer by Lisa Hunt-Wotton

This is a blog post that features some of the best photographers that I have worked with.

When I got married the most important item on my to do list was the photographer.  This was the person who would immortalise our special day.  It was very important to me that we were on the same page.

I wanted someone who understood our vision and as we were blending two families, someone who would be sensitive to the emotional moments and moments of wonder.  We needed to balance the sensitivity of our special day with capturing special shots of our kids and families.

  • you want someone who can capture the emotion of the day, not just set up shots.
  • you need someone with a good eye who can get THAT shot.  The one that no one else sees.

In this photo we were TRYING to get a family photo, not easy with 6 kids.  They were starving and the food had just started circulating.  The trouble was we couldn’t get a proper photo because my father kept secretly giving them finger food which meant that there little faces were full and chomping on food.  Just when we thought we had a small window of opportunity to capture a proper photo my dad rushed in with a tray of sausage rolls.

We all cracked up.  This photo is now the one that best  captures the joy of that day by Dezign by Mauro.


  • Chose a photographer who you are relaxed with and who you trust.
  • Have a pre shoot or ask them to come to the wedding rehearsal to set up shots
  •  Check the reviews to make sure that they are easy to work with.  Sometimes photo galleries can be deceiving and a great photo doesn’t tell you if they were a pain in the neck to work with.

This is a sensational shot by Madeleine Chiller.  I had just finished the wedding and the couple had gone over to pick up their baby.  The aunt pictured in the back left, threw a handful of confetti over the family and stunning memories were captured.  Madeline has an eagle eye for opportunities and was there to grab it right on cue.


  • Your photographer must be flexible and ready to change everything at the last min.

I did a wedding in remote Victoria at Chatsworth House with Tim and Clarissa who wanted an outdoor wedding in a rural setting.  The problem was 30 min before the wedding was to start black clouds raged over the skies and thundered over the wedding scene with cyclonic winds and pelting rain.  We ran to set up emergency plan B.

This shot was taken by Kim Cartmell who used the wind to her advantage to grab some incredible shots.



Tim and Clarissa Wedding at Chatsworth House
  • Choose a photographer who can get the warmth of a moment and capture your real personalities and not a cardboard cut out.

Sometimes photos can look sterile and one dimensional.  A great photographer can get a couple to relax and look natural which is so important.

This was a very formal wedding but photographer David Barrett was able to cut through the pomp and ceremony to capture the heart and love in this wedding set in England.  Lucky for us David is now working in Melbourne.

Matt and Tanya Wedding


Matt and Tanya Wedding


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