What makes an amazing, heartfelt and memorable wedding that everyone loves?

Thoughtfulness and a great celebrant.

Today the proportion of marriage ceremonies performed by civil celebrants has continued to increase.  In 2014 registered celebrants performed 74.1% of all registered marriage ceremonies.  

Ceremonies today are done in the forest, on the beach, in churches, by waterfalls, in back yards by rivers and in gardens.  It is limited only by your imagination and creativity.  A good celebrant will quickly resonate with you, they will totally comprehend your vision for your wedding and if you are not sure yourself  of what you want a good celebrant will dig for the gold in you both and bring out the best in you to make your day the best day possible.  

These are the most important elements that make a memorable wedding ceremony:

  • Your wedding is personal and reflects your character, romance and personality.
  • It is crafted to have moments of wonder and surprise.
  • It is unique.
  • Your friends and family are taken along on the journey with you.  The worst thing is when the audience feel awkward, uncomfortable or disconnected.
  • Transitions in the wedding ceremony are crucial.  This takes practice and skill but when done properly it makes the ceremony feel effortless and people are taken on a smooth and meaningful journey.
  • Well thought out, practised and communicated.  This prevents cringe moments or train wrecks and puts your nerves to rest.
  • Time management.  Nothing is worse that everyone waiting for 20 min for the bridal party to arrive.  I attended one wedding where the bride arrived first and no groom.  Eeeeekkk.  Panic and terror set in.
  • No alcohol.  Not only is it in very poor taste, the marriage can be contested or actually not legitimate if either party are drunk. The celebrant can also refuse to do the ceremony.
  • Your wedding doesn’t have to be elaborate to be successful.  It is all in the planning and execution.  Sometimes the most beautiful wedding are simple and sweet.  The main ingredient is authenticity.  It must accurately reflect who you are and your lives together.

Lisa Hunt-Wotton


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